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On Saturday, the 22nd of September, Bell'occhio is presenting a workshop on drawing, the purest and most elemental form of artistic actuation. This class is designed to reveal to the novice, with little experience or none at all, the singular power and great pleasure of moving a pencil across a page to form an image with one's own hand. On the day of the class, each participant will create a chart to practice the many types and grades of pencil markings, execute a study of an egg and then move on to a more ambitious composition, drawing from a plaster bust, a drapery, or from nature, using fruits, vegetables and flowers. We will also offer a brief history of drawing and discuss the requisite materials and their properties. Instructors Claudia Schwartz and Wendy Cook look forward to working with you at this merry meeting of human hands and personal visions.

Date: Saturday, the 22nd of September.
Time: 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Class Fee: $125. {Our software automatically adds freight & tax to online orders. We'll refund these charges on receipt of your order. Our apologies for the glitch}.

Drawing materials will be provided. We will serve refreshments and each participant will receive a 10% discount on all Bell'occhio purchases on the day the class is in session.

Bell'occhio Drawing Class: $125.00

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