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Bell'occhio is elated to formally announce a roster of exhilarating Spring classes at our highly acclaimed école extraordinaire. This erudite extravaganza will feature lively workshops in gift wrapping, watercolor painting & flower arranging, thoughtfully designed to provide pleasure as well as indispensable instruction.

We look forward to welcoming you once again, or for the very first time, to our airy atelier in San Francisco. Take up scissors, paint brush or secateurs and prepare to be positively stuffed with savoir-faire. We are offering a 15% discount for three classes or more. Please contact us for details.

Class Dates:

16 February Gift Wrapping
2 March Watercolor
16 March Gift Wrapping
30 March Flower Arranging

  • Bell'occhio Wrap-titude Nº 1, 16th February: $125.00
  • Bell'occhio Water Color, 2nd March: $125.00
  • Bell'occhio Wrap-titude Nº 2, 16th March: $125.00
  • Bell'occhio Fleury-tation, 30th March: $140.00

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