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Confiserie » Special Edition Debauve & Gallais Chocolate Bars

Bar none, this is our favorite indulgence. Of all the chocolates we've sampled and, friends, we have sampled thousands... this is by far the best there is. M. Sulpice Debauve was appointed chocolate maker to King Louis XVI whose Queen, Marie Antoinette, favored the lait d'amande, which we offer to you, oh loyal subjects. We are featuring the lait d'amande bars in a choice of three vintage wrappers, the Venetian, the squirrel & the pink.

  • Lait d'Amande Venetian Wrapper: $15.00
  • Lait d'amande Squirrel Wrapper: $15.00
  • Lait d'amande Pink Wrapper: $15.00

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